Suee and the Shadow, Part 2 by Ginger Ly & Molly (2014)

, 9 Oct 2014

This is he second instalment of the series Suee and the Shadow and the plot is getting more interesting by the minute. Our Suee is shining her true colours (or perhaps her true shadow) to herself and the world, and there is more action and mystery unfolding, things becoming darker and more intriguing.

The second part of the book starts on chapter five, but it barely has 90 pages, which you can easily devour in your lunch break. So that was a bit of a disappointment. On the other hand, the reader dives into the story, which has plenty more action, and is left at the edge of a cliff without handrail to hang onto.

I am falling, falling.... fallinnnnnnnng for the Suee Shadow Korean team. They are just awesome at creating an stylish comic with an intriguing plot, and lots of mystery and entertainment.

I love the pricing of the books, but I would like the third instalment to be a bit longer. To be honest, I would have loved the whole book done at once.

I think they should use they Korean names instead of the ones they use as plume names, because, well, they are making themselves a disservice. 

To be continued, when they continue...

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