About Me

Who I am I?

That is an almost metaphysical question, and I would need perhaps a booklet to tell you. Sorry I won't elaborate at this stage. A reviewer :)

Who are you?

I don't mind, you are welcome.

My Name

The name I use in my blogs is my artistic name, my dark horse named, branded and tamed. It is still me. 


Why you Should Read my Reviews

>> I can distinguish what I like from what is good.
>> I can see beyond what people see :O
>> I have a mind of my own.
>> I understand complex things and masticate them for you.


Images and Texts in this Blog

The images that accompany each entry are not always mine, this is especially i they are book covers. The copyright belongs to the editors or designers who made them. I use them as a bonafide loan, without claiming them in any way. The screenshots in my reviews are taken by me directly from my Kindle.



It is clearly shown in the main page of my blog with the proper CC's sign. Look for it. It says it all. That affects my texts.

Mind, my blog name is an alias, so if you find this review in any of other of my pages and you aren't sure, please drop a line and ask just in case it is not me.



I don't live on this blog. It takes me a few days to proofread my texts, so please, bear with me, have some chocolate, a drink, or a coffee. Have a nap. Come back. I will be with you shortly. Otherwise, forgive the typos and mistakes and focus on the content.